Duy Nippers company is established with the goal of providing Vietnamese people with HEALTH and BEAUTY. KIEM DUY has been putting in a lot of effort to provide maximum benefits to clients, contribute more to the nail industry, and create the greatest atmosphere possible for each employee to develop their potential. We do our best to incorporate technology into the manufacturing process, resulting in high-quality nail nippers that fulfill everyone’s manicure and beauty care needs.


  • • Duy Nippers will continue to strive to improve product quality so that, by 2025, the company will be one of Vietnam’s top three nail nipper research and manufacturing enterprises.
  • • In addition, the company will have a wide distribution network of cuticle nippers and nail clippers throughout Vietnam and might expand internationally.


  • To meet the beauty needs of Vietnamese and international users, we are focusing on developing models, manufacturing, and selling high-quality, sharp, and long-lasting nail nippers.
  • Benefit the community by providing affordable costs, outstanding quality, and flawless nail and beauty services.
  • Duy Nippers’s products will cater to a wide range of customer needs while also providing an appealing working environment for its employees.


  • The Duy Nippers Company’s prestige is constantly prioritized.
  • The company follows Vietnamese laws and ethics. These, we believe, are the most fundamental and stable business underpinnings.
  • Duy Nippers regards customer satisfaction as the most important metric of success. As a result, we always do our best to provide our customers with high-quality products that are also reliable and affordable.
  • Duy Nippers considers the accumulation of experience, learning, and creativity to be a requirement for a company’s long-term growth and the foundation for greater societal contributions. Duy Nippers undertakes research and development for traditional and technologically based products and services.
  • Duy Nippers believes that the company’s goodwill relationship with customers, agents, and investors, which is built on a spirit of collaboration and progress, is a precious asset that the company should continually preserve and cultivate.


Intending to improve people’s quality of life through body care, beginning with basic parts like nail and toenail cutting, Duy Nippers has criteria for selecting suppliers/manufacturers/partners in response to delivering products to the market, such as:

  • For manufacturing plants that must be evaluated and licensed by Vietnam’s Ministry of Health and Quality Management Department.
  • Manufacturing partners must meet the International Standard ISO 14001 for environmental safety and have an ISO 9001 Quality Management System certification.
  • Authenticate the goods’ clear origin and source from the import of raw materials to the manufacturing stages.
  • Duy Nippers ensures the safety, reliability, and legal standards of each of its products.